Published March 15, 2018

Farm & Fable

An enchanting tale of whimsy, free spirit, and fine, feathered friends

St. Louis Magazine
Published March 15, 2018

Call the midwife?

It used to be normal; then it became terrifying. Now enough’s changed that some women are wanting to give birth at home again, saying it’s cozier, less stressful, and far less expensive. The system is slowly coming around.

St. Louis Magazine
Published February 23, 2018

Pine Lawn’s struggle to remain a city

After suffering through anarchy, greed, and eccentricity, Pine Lawn is trying valiantly to pull itself together. Weird as its story is, the trajectory’s all too common.

St. Louis Magazine
Published January 17, 2018

Cheap Eats

50 deals for delicious dining on a dime

St. Louis Magazine
Published December 21, 2017

Meet the amazing adventuress Elizabeth “Bunny” Herring

A debutante who joined the circus and married a cowboy, she found the bland safety of privilege utterly boring.

St. Louis Magazine
Published November 15, 2017

Joseph Jiang's fight to keep his priesthood

The separate dreams of a new priest, a teenage girl, and an emotional mother—and the damage wrought by a harsh awakening.

St. Louis Magazine
Published October 20, 2017

A closer look at the police response to the Jason Stockley protests

Inside the “squishy” legal realities of protest-related arrests in St. Louis

St. Louis Magazine
Published October 18, 2017

101 Things Every St. Louisan Must Do

A guide to some of the region’s most memorable experiences

St. Louis Magazine
Published October 10, 2017

The history of protests in St. Louis

Our city has a painful history of racial inequity but a vibrant history of fighting for civil rights

St. Louis Magazine
Published September 14, 2017

Smoke and Fire

When an arsonist began setting churches on fire near Ferguson, the St. Louis Regional Bomb & Arson Unit came together and snuffed out a national news narrative.

St. Louis Magazine
Published September 14, 2017

Best Dressed List 2017

Nine St. Louisans who dream and dress outside the box

St. Louis Magazine
Published July 21, 2017

Too Much Money

The biggest heist in the history of St. Louis started out as a slick caper—and fell into comedy.

St. Louis Magazine
Published July 20, 2017

Paws of War

How support dogs are helping veterans with PTSD recover

St. Louis Magazine
Published July 20, 2017

“Do You Have Kids?”

What it’s like to live in the family-friendliest city in the country—without children

St. Louis Magazine
Published June 21, 2017

The story behind the Valentine’s Mansion

James Clemens Jr. built the villa in 1858 in honor of his deceased wife.

Sara Kaiman
Published June 15, 2017

Forgotten lessons from the 1917 East St. Louis race riots

A century ago, a tragic series of events in East St. Louis set the stage for a national movement—yet today, few people remember the horror.

St. Louis Magazine
Published May 25, 2017

Transgender St. Louisans create a home for their own

The Trans Queer Flat offers refuge for people who might otherwise be homeless.

Katelyn Mae Petrin
Published May 18, 2017

Beyond the Margins

A veteran journalist runs away with the circus. 

By Robert Duffy, Photography by Whitney Curtis